Lee Cundangan wears many hats but she is first and foremost a  freelance Events coordinator/Director of Online Destination Events Coordinating Group  Ouine’s Events .  On the side she is a blogger, a freelance Acting and directing workshop teacher and a Content Writer for different SEO Companies.

She graduated AB Communication Arts from the University of Santo Tomas and studied at the University of the Philippines, taking up M. A. Theatre Arts.

As a writer, she contributed articles to different publications/websites meg, Family Reader, MEGA Magazine, The Varsitarian, Flame Magazine and literary portfolio, UNESCO Newsletter and website,  Health News, COOK Magazine, http://www.teenfad.ph, Daily Tribune since 1999.  She was the Editor-in-Chief of Levi Strauss and UNFPA sponsored newsletter CHANGE for the Foundation of the Adolescent Development (FAD), corporate nzines including DRECZIONE (MCI-Verizon Account), SHIFT (Sykes Manila One’s STEAM nzine and site). She used to write for Broadwayworld.com – Philippines Correspondent.

7 thoughts on “ABOUT

  1. kilala kita! i was still in college when you formed mediartrix! diba you guys opened with dracula in a tent? tapos nag once on this island kayo diba? i did the lights for that! ikaw nga ba yan? or am i thinking of someone else?

    1. Yup I formed Mediartrix-UST. No – while MEDIARTRIX did Dracula, I just watched and was not with them anymore, I did Once on This Island but not with MEDIARTRIX but with YAFCA NSOLL Repertory – so I’m not sure if we have really met po. Because some things are correct. Some not exactly the same. :-/

      1. Hi! I think we’re friends on facebook already 🙂 Thank you for linking your blog to mine. How did you know about my blog *just a curious thought. I’ll add you na rin in my blogroll. thanks again.

  2. Hello there Ate Precious =) This is MG po of Mediartrix ExeComm Batch 2011-2012. We’ve been trying to reach you po sana. Please send me an email once you received this. Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon =)

  3. Mr. Robespierre Santos
    Producer/ Director


    I am a new producer looking for stage actors.

    Did you know we are now accepting video audition uploads for lead roles in the upcoming romantic comedy English feature film “Before I Forget”?

    This is scheduled to be filmed in Cebu Philippines in January 2013 for worldwide release late 2013?

    I would love for you to support this project.

    I am sending this formal letter to invite Filipino actors/actresses to audition.

    Hopefuls will simply have to upload a 30 second video audition at http://bit.ly/MClSru

    This is to encourage undiscovered talent from all over Philippines to try out.

    Deadline is September 15, 2012.

    These are paid positions. Acting fee for 10 day shoot plus rehearsal is P15,000 – P25,000 depending on role and experience. In addition actors will receive, film credit, and potential travel to Asian film festivals as a lead.

    Thank you for your support for this project.

    Best Regards,

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