Ask anyone I know, I’m not a fan of cemeteries. I practically lived near one here in La Loma, but I hardly go to that place because it was never really my thing and it brings me sad memories. However, never in my wildest dreams that there would be one cemetery I would like to go back and visit – The Centennial Garden.

The Centennial Garden in Santa Rosa City is the first-ever Leisure Memorial Park in Laguna which provides the best place for quality-time bonding among friends and relatives but a walk on one of the famous phases in World History.


Illuminated with high-pressure sodium light, adorned with the water plaza and water fountain, neatly-landscape lawns lined with Royal and Dates Palm trees.

Another thing why I find the place a personal favorite is that is that its unique and extra-ordinary comes from the fact that its architecture is inspired by Ancient Greece, where you’ll first see upon entering at the main entrance where familiar Greek gods and goddesses are present. Its facilities (like Acropolis, the and adornments named after Greek architectural wonders.


This is the part where the walk on World History happens, according to Ms. Lhenn Jontongco, Marketing and Communications Officer.

“No one can deny the legacy of the Ancient Greece on the world’s arts and sciences. The contribution of the Ancient Greece remains essential even today from arts and sciences and even to languages,” said Jontongco. “We have spacious parking areas and on the aspect of security, we have round-the-clock security that includes surveillance cameras.”


It was a cool trip going there, because it was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first time to get to see, a memorial park with the following amenities:

State-of- the-Art Interment Facilities

  • Overlooking view of the whole park through the viewdeck of the Administration Building
  • Underground electrical system which guarantees uninterrupted power supply
  • Ten-meter width concrete roadway
  • High-Pressure Sodium Lights which illuminate and highlights the beauty of the park
  • Water Plaza and Water Fountain which enhances the beauty of the park
  • Ecumenical Chapel which can accommodate 300 people
  • Clean and modern rest rooms
  •  Neatly-landscaped lawns lined with Royal and Dates Palm trees
  • Park sheds and modern playground
  • Round-the- clock security that includes surveillance cameras
  • Spacious parking area
  • Innovative Centralized Sound System
  • Efficient Drainage System

Playground 01.jpg

To top it off, the Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematory, Inc. within the vicinity is a world-class chapel and crematory.

It has modern facilities and amenities for the funeral needs is at par with high-end memorial chapels and crematories but you would be surprised that it is reasonably priced. Plus, what makes the experience worthwhile is that the staff are all accommodating, courteous,and hardworking.

The chapels all boast of architectural design and top-of-the-line facilities including a presentable reception area for the guests, 24-hour security and a free WIFI zone. They are fully air-conditioned, it has sound-proof partition and equipped with purifiers for the comfort of our clients and their guests.  Each viewing chapel can accommodate up to 300 persons, with big screens overhead projector for memorialization.

To add to the guests’ comfort they have hotel-like Family Rooms and Bedrooms equipped with cable TV, DVD, WIFI, refrigerator, microwave oven water dispenser, dining table, chairs, King and Queen size Bedroom showcase for family’s comfort.

Their service package includes:

Transfer of the body to our care which includes:

  • embalming and other preparations
  • Casket
  • Viewing & Visitation Facilities
  • 24-hour assistance from the Funeral Director and Staff
  • Securing all the necessary permits
  • Registration of Death Certificate
  • Funeral Hearse for Interment

To know more about the place you may visit, for their rates and packages, check out their Website, Facebook or email them at


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