STUDIO UNIT IN QUEZON CITY – for Sale (Cash or Installment)


Are you looking for a place in Quezon City near Welcome Rotonda, where schools for kids and high school like Lourdes School, St. Theresa’s College is one ride away. Well, practically it’s accessible to a lot of this considering it is in the border of Manila and Quezon City. Anyway, you might like to consider this place.

sun residences - studio type

My YAFCA – NSOLL “eldest daughter” and Ouine’s Events – Manila Team’s Ceremony Head Gina de Guzman, who is currently working as an Online Marketing Associate of World Vision, is now now selling her studio type unit at Sun Residences located at Welcome Rotonda (the one with the newly opened Mall underneath).

For those who can pay in cash PhP 1.9M or if you prefer installment basis, then kindly see the first column, that’s what you need to pay Gina in cash for her to process the transfer of documents.

Feel free to email her…

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