Ayala Malls EGC Basics for the Clueless

HP DIGITAL CAMERAOne of the perks of following a credible and enjoyable blog like The Lifestyle Hub by one of the country’s top bloggers, MJ de Leon; is you get a chance to join such online, social media microblogging contest like the Ayala Dream Surprise Promo last September 25.

During that time, I was sitting nonchalantly and cozily at home in front of my laptop, when I saw MJ’s tweet regarding the said promo.

Just for fun, though secretly hoping for it, I decided to join. I told myself, if I win that would be great, if not; hey I enjoyed tweeting my dream surprises. So, without really counting it, I tweeted my dreams surprise for 29 times! (only found out the number when MJ announced the winner).

And I did win. I was privileged enough to receive the Ayala Malls – Electronic Gift Certificate (EGC) worth  P5, 000 shopping spree from Ayala Land (@ayala_land_inc ). Isn’t that cool!

As a breadwinner of my family, the Ayala EGC was really heaven sent. While offhand one would easily used it to shop till they drop…or at least until the said P 5,000 EGC is consumed. I had other plans for it. I decided to use it both for needs and wants, and also I was able to spend it.

The Ayala EGC is great for gifts to friends, based from personal experience I was able to use it for groceries, medicines, clothes, movies and all.

For those who are not familiar with Ayala Malls EGC, here are some basic info about it, some info about it that I find great:

Dress purchased at Landmark Market via EGC
Dress purchased at Landmark Market via EGC
  • DEBIT CARD MODE: Unlike paper gift certificates or gift cards, you don’t use the EGC for one time big time purposes, you use it as many times as you like provided that you haven’t consumed the amount it has.
  • WHERE YOU CAN USE IT: There are two criteria’s for this:  

1) You must used it in any Ayala Malls store or vicinity namely:

  • Alabang Town Center
  • Ayala Center Cebu
  • Bonifacio High Street
  • Glorietta, Makati
  • Greenbelt, Makati
  • Market! Market!, Taguig
  • Serendra, Taguig
  • TriNoma, Quezon City

*I personally used it in Powerbooks (Greenbelt), Mercury Drug (Glorietta), Rustan’s supermarket (Greenbelt), Landmark (Makati), SM Makati, SM Grocery

* You can use it in a lot of stores in these malls provided you check via criteria # 2.

2) The Ayala EGC works like a debit card but more specifically like a BPI debit card. So better, you asked first caters to BPI – debit card or go straight, safely ask if they accept the Ayala EGC.


I haven’t really spend all the amount from my EGC, I still have around than 2k and I’m truly enjoying using it. Indeed Christmas came early, I was able to buy what I need, what I want including HUNGER GAMES: CATCHING FIRE and getting the latest Cosmopolitan mag, and I was able to use it to help people (Powerbooks Book Drive for Haiyan).  The only downside of it I don’t know exactly how much. I have to keep my receipts with this.

Lee Cundangan is a blogger,  freelance wedding coordinator / events coordinator with an events FB page: Ouine’s Events and freelance theatre facilitator.
Goods I purchased from Rustan’s Greenbelt 1 through EGC
Magazine I bought from National Bookstore through EGC
Bought these from Powerbooks through EGC
These books are my contribution to the Yolanda Survivors book drive: Project Aklat of Powerbooks through EGC
A sidetrip to Mercury Drug due to some personal emergency. Purchased these medicines via EGC – truly a handy card in times of need.
Purchased this movie ticket via EGC as I decided to have some “Me” time.
Baby Shower Gift via SM Makati's Gift Registry, paid via EGC
Baby Shower Gift via SM Makati’s Gift Registry, paid via EGC

5 thoughts on “Ayala Malls EGC Basics for the Clueless

    1. Thanks, Grace. That’s good to know. When I did this article it was ages ago when I won the P5,000 worth of GC from a contest. 🙂 I never updated the article ever since, thank you for this new information.

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